Not so much an org as a person.  This site contains some info not included here.  Of particular note is my wall of influences.

Why have one website when you can pay for 3?

Untimely Meditations Blog

Misc. notions about this and that.  Mostly history and politics. Untimely Meditations

Real Cost Accounting Blog

Running my mouth off on economics, a subject about which it can be proved that I have no expertise.  I do have a lot of opinions.  Real Cost Accounting

The Problems of History: Causation and Process Blog

Now here I do claim some expertise, shallow as it may be.  I have a degree in history and also minored in philosophy.  Spent  two wonderful years in graduate school studying 20th century American history.  I still pretend to be writing a book. Problems of History

Zenosox Books

Information on books I have published on Amazon are to be found here.